GRRR: Studio Edition DETAILS & FAQ

GRRR is holding four, virtual sessions in 2020 for girls, trans and nonbinary youth:
July 13th-17th for girls, trans and nonbinary youth, ages 9-16
July 20th-24th for girls, trans and nonbinary youth, ages 9-16
July 27th-31st for girls, trans and nonbinary youth, ages 9-13
August 3rd-7th for girls, trans and nonbinary youth, ages 13-18 

The camp is held from 10am-3pm daily, with most activities being interactive and live video streamed through an app like Zoom or Google Meet (actual platform is yet to be determined) and using music technology (we'll be using Soundtrap!) to write original songs. Campers will also engage in interactive workshops, guest band performances and community building. 

In order for us to serve as many youth as possible, campers are only allowed to attend ONE week of camp. Campers are required to be present at virtual camp during all activities. We specifically created a camp schedule to give 15 minute screen and stretch breaks every hour. 

On the Friday of each camp week, camper’s will be able to showcase their original songs written at a virtual streaming party in the evening. This will be the culmination of their entire week's work at camp. 


  • Reliable internet access
  • Access to a laptop or desktop computer that uses the Google Chrome browser and has access to video streaming service like Zoom or Google Meet. While a tablet (iPad, Chromebook) can be used, the applications we'll be using don't run as smoothly tablets and your camper may get frustrated. We are happy to loan out a laptop for your camper to use during camp! 
  • Excitement to interactively engage in music technology, connect with their community, write original songs, connect with inspiring role models, or take social justice, identity and digital art workshops

Don’t have internet access or a laptop? We have solutions for you including laptops that your camper can use during camp.  Let’s work together to get your camper the virtual experience they want and deserve!


Who can come to camp?
Any girl, trans or nonbinary youth, ages 9-16 (13-18 at our teen week) is welcome at camp! No prior musical experience is necessary. 

How much is camp tuition?
The actual cost to the organization for each camper is $650, while the full tuition rate for virtual camp is set at a sliding scale between $25-$400.  We utilize the sliding scale model for tuition to make camp accessible to as many girls, trans and nonbinary youth who wish to attend as possible. In the sliding scale model, you determine your tuition based on your income, with the help of our guidelines. 

Do you offer any scholarships?
Yes!  We have two types of scholarships this year.  First we have the We See You Scholarship, open to campers who identify as disabled, students of color, indigenous, trans, genderqueer, gender nonconforming, and/or nonbinary. Secondly, we have the Laura Jeffrey Academy Scholarship, open to any current or incoming LJA student. You can read more about the scholarship process here.

What will be the biggest differences between in-person camp and virtual GRRR: Studio Edition?
We know we couldn’t possibly replicate the same style of camp that we typically hold in a virtual setting, but we are excited to create a really rad (and different) studio experience this year that campers can use in their future music careers. Here are some of the changes we are making to make camp awesome:

  • Our camp days will be full of music technology, virtual connection, art, social justice workshops and more! In order to get the most of our days, and support our camper’s attention and screen time limits, camp will have shorter days (10am-3pm)
  • All campers will receive daily lessons and workshops on how to write, record, mix and create songs using a musical tech platform (Soundtrap, which is similar to Garageband) instead of learning one instrument
  • All campers will use music tech to original songs
  • To fully embrace the producer role at camp, all campers will be using the amazing tools in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to collaboratively create original songs within their bands instead of playing their instruments 

Do you provide instruments for virtual camp?
In order to best serve our campers in a virtual camp, we will not be teaching physical instruments as per usual (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards). Instead, we’ll be engaging in daily workshops on how to play virtual instruments, write, record, produce and mix songs using music technology. We’re excited to show campers this tool so they can learn more behind-the scenes-technology, especially since only 5% of all sound engineers and producers identify as women.

Do you provide laptops for virtual camp?
Yes! Computers and laptops are highly recommended to use during GRRR: Studio Edition. We have laptops that we are happy to provide to your camper to use during camp week. Just make a note on your registration form!I

My camper really wants to sign up for camp, but we don’t have access to the internet. What should we do?
We encourage you to sign up and we’ll work together to find a solution! If your camper has access to a cell phone with reliable and unlimited data (which many providers are giving for free right now), that should work! Comcast is also offering their services for $10/month through their internet essentials program. 

There is also a possibility that some of our staff will have an office space to stream our camp from. If this happens, we can allow campers who don’t have internet access to also use the space on a case by case basis. 

Why can't my camper sign up for an instrument?
Because we are moving to a virtual model, we are going to be focusing on music technology and studio basics. This will help your camper as they move into the music world where knowledge about music technology, recording and production will give them a huge advantage!

How will you support campers who struggle with prolonged screen time?
All of our camp hours will be highly interactive and include as many movement based activities as possible. We have shortened our camp hours to help accommodate fewer screen time hours. We’re also scheduling 15 minute breaks between all activities to give campers breaks to stretch, move around, etc. We’re also excited to have most of camp be live through video chatting platforms (like Zoom or Google Meet) so that campers will be engaging in interactive content. 

How will you ensure my camper’s safety in the online setting?
As per usual, all of our teachers and staff will undergo background checks to ensure your campers safety. And, campers will never be in a video chat alone with one adult. There will always be at least one other camper and/or teacher. 

We’ll be using privacy settings of our video chatting platforms to ensure that only our campers and teachers can enter the video calls. 

We also take cyber bullying seriously and will create guidelines with the campers each week so they know how to show and act with respect on our online platforms. 

Do you accept beginners at your camp?
Yes, we do accept all levels of players, beginners-advanced!

Can my camper request to be put into a band with a friend who is also signing up?
Our goal at GRRR: Studio Edition is to encourage campers to make new friends and promote musical growth.  In order to accomplish this, there is a chance that friends and siblings will be parted.  We strive to put the bands together based on three factors; the camper's experience level, their age and their musical interests.  There will still be plenty of time for friends to hang out during workshops, lunchtime, and other activities each day!

Are there any options for returning and/or advanced campers?
Yes! We will have a ton of new workshops this year, as well as the opportunity for all students to take classes in music production and get the full, studio experience. In addition, we are offering a teen camp for camper's ages 13-18 the week of August 3rd-7th.  

If my camper has some conflicts during the week of camp (sports, etc), can they still attend?
We ask that your camper fully commit to being at camp for the entire week which is 10am-3pm, Monday-Friday with the showcase from 6-7:30pm on Friday. We will work with you if your camper struggles with being on the screen for those hours.  If they will have to miss any time at camp, we ask that you consider signing them up for another week of camp or looking at one of our after-school programs in the fall which occur only once a week.  Even at camp, campers are put into bands, and much like any other kind of team, they all count on each other to be at all their band rehearsals to prepare for the final show.  If one of them is missing, it makes it difficult for the rest of the band to move forward, and we feel that is not fair to the other campers.

Can my camper attend more than one session of GRRR: Studio Edition?
No.  In order to serve as many participants in our community as we possibly can, we are limiting attendance to GRRR to one session per camper.  

If I need to cancel prior to camp, does GRRR: Studio Edition offer a refund?
Yes. This year, we are offering full refunds up until two weeks before your camp week starts. 

What does a typical day at virtual GRRR: Studio Edition look like? 
Each day starts with a camp assembly to prepare campers for the day and connect with another. This will include goofy skits, icebreakers, group singalongs/dancing, and more! The assemblies will be very movement centered to get our campers ready for the day! After that, campers will go to a  Music Tech Workshop where they will receive instruction on how to write, record, produce and mix their own songs. Each day, they will learn how to incorporate different digital instruments (guitar, bass, keyboards, synth, drums, beats, and vocals) into recording and producing their own songs. Next, campers will have a thirty minute lunch break. They can choose to eat lunch ‘on screen’ to chat with other campers, or take a break. We then have a guest band or musician perform a live stream with a Q&A section. After that, campers will engage in a new workshop each day that will include topics on band art & logo design, music history, identity, self-care and/or activism.  Next, campers will have an hour of band studio time to write original songs alongside their bandmates. Camp ends at 3pm, but our teachers and staff will have open hours from 3-4pm if the campers have questions, want to engage in pre-recorded workshops or want to spend additional time in the studio with their band. 

Besides music and production, what else do you teach at GRRR: Studio Edition? 
We want to empower the campers that come to GRRR. Because of this, we believe it is important to provide more than a musical education. In addition to music workshops (such as songwriting & music history), we present workshops on topics such as gender identity, anti-oppression training, anti-bullying, self-care, representation in media (movies, music, news, TV, etc), and activism. Workshops are always presented at an age appropriate level (younger campers will be split from older campers) and are very student led and interactive. We give the campers a safe space to critically think about new ideas and discuss their ideas.

What is the difference between the regular session of GRRR and the teen session?
Besides the fact that the regular sessions are for campers ages 9-16 and the teen session is for campers ages 13-18, the main difference will be that our workshops (media literacy, gender studies and activism) will be tailored specifically for our teen audience.

My camper is still interested in learning an instrument this summer, is this possible?
Yes! While we aren’t offering instrument classes at GRRR: Studio Edition, we are offering the ability to loan out an instrument for the whole summer. We also have a list of GRRR teachers that your camper can take private lessons from outside of camp.  Contact Jenny for instrument information! 

Are there volunteer opportunities for virtual GRRR: Studio Edition?
Yes! We will need a ton of help as we transition to a virtual setting in 2020. Please contact to get involved! 


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