Girls Rock n Roll Retreat

She Rock She Rock is proud to present our 16th year of Girls Rock n Roll Retreat (GRRR) in 2022!

At Girls Rock n Roll Retreat, participants...
*Express themselves creatively through music, collaboratively write a song and put on a big concert!
*Create community, where they support each other and learn to work together!
*Engage with positive role models and receive support for their creative endeavors!
*Are nurtured in a supportive, inclusive space where they can develop their self-confidence and rock out!
*Can help create social change to help achieve a more positive image of girls, women, trans and nonbinary folks in the media, our culture and the world!


Camp Location: Bryn Mawr Elementary School
252 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55405

Friday Showcase Location: Uptown VFW
2916 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Session 1: July 11 - 15 for ages 9-13
Session 2: July 18 - 22 for ages 12-16 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 What is the Girls Rock n Roll Retreat?  

Celebrating our sixteenth year in 2022, the Girls Rock n Roll Retreat (GRRR) is an annual day camp (9am-4:30pm daily) that offers 5 days of music lessons, playing in a band, art classes, exciting workshops all culminating in TWO Friday night concert for girls, trans and nonbinary youth ages 9-16.  Our camp is offered to participants who play or want to learn electric guitar, electric bass, drums, vocals, or keyboards. We accept campers of all levels on each instrument, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!    

Camp is five days and is loaded with workshops including songwriting, activism, body confidence, self-defense, stage presence, band art, and of course instrument and band practice. Our teachers are all professional musicians from right here in the Twin Cities music scene.  At the end of five days, our campers will have: formed a band, written original music, created logos and merchandise for their band, improved their instrumental skills and will perform two concerts for friends and family on Friday!

How much does it cost for my camper to attend?

Did you know the full actual cost of your camper to attend Girls Rock n Roll Retreat is over $1,000 per week? That includes qualified music coaches, camp counselors, camp administrators, band equipment, instrument rental, art supplies, building rental fees, media and transportation. In order to ensure income is not a barrier for all kids who want to jam, She Rock normally steps up to pay at least 70% of each camper's actual costs, regardless of family income.

However, like many small nonprofit organizations, She Rock has been hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and now more than ever we could really use your help to give young rockers access to our unique summer camp experience. If your family is able, we encourage you to step up for your camper and their friends!

  • LET'S ROCK! tuition package. $2,000. Includes the actual cost of your camper and 1 additional camper to attend Girls Rock n Roll Retreat for 1 week. The 2nd camper will be selected by She Rock’s Fairness Fund Scholarship Program, based on poverty guidelines. A wonderful benefit for you selecting this option is that $1550 will be counted as a tax deductible donation (we will mail you a receipt).
  • I ROCK! tuition package. $1,000. Includes the actual cost of your camper to attend Girls Rock N Roll Retreat for 1 week. A wonderful benefit for you selecting this option is that $550 will be counted as a tax deductible donation (we will mail you the receipt).
  • ROCK ME! tuition package. $450. Includes the standard cost of your camper to attend Girls Rock n Roll Retreat for 1 week.  As the actual cost is $1,000, this means She Rock will be paying $550 for your camper to attend. 
  • Before and After Camp Care. $75. Includes Before and After Camp care for your child, so you have flexibility to drop them off between 7:30am-8:30am and pick them up between 4:30pm-5:30pm

Are there financial aid/scholarship options? 
Yes! We offer both sliding scale and full scholarship options for families who can't afford. Fill out the FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION here.

Who can come to camp?
Any girl, trans or nonbinary youth ages 9-16 is welcome at camp - No prior musical experience is necessary! In 2022, all campers must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination at registration. While we love to see boys rock out, our mission is to serve and empower girls, trans or nonbinary folks as they are under-represented in the music industry. 

What COVID-19 protocols are happening at the Girls Rock N Roll Retreat?
In 2022, we are requiring all campers and staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by the first day of camp. We do this to ensure a safe and healthy camp for all. Depending on local/state/federal and Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, we also may require masks to be worn throughout camp. Parents are required to agree to this waiver upon registration for camp.

What if my child doesn’t have access to transportation? 
If campers and families feel comfortable and safe, She Rock encourages biking, walking and public transportation. We do our best to select central locations close to bus lines. However, if your family doesn’t have access to transportation, and if you are eligible for financial aid, there might be another option. We also have a carpool list of all families interested in carpooling that we send out a few weeks prior to camp.

What if my child is a beginner or has never played an instrument before? 
We got you covered! We do our best to remove barriers so that ALL campers can attend. We accept all levels of players, beginners-advanced and we have plenty of instruments to borrow! There is no musical experience necessary to join GRRR. Teachers will show them the basics of how to play the instrument and help pair them with other campers with similar backgrounds/interests. 

What if my child doesn’t have an instrument?
We provide drums, keyboards, PA systems, microphones, and music stands for the campers to use.  We also have plenty of loaner electric guitars and basses that campers can borrow for the week if they don't own one. We have a form that the camper and guardian must fill out at camp prior to borrowing an instrument, and you will do that Monday morning during check in.

Can I register my child if we live out of town or are from rural Minnesota?
Potentially yes! We will try our best to accommodate you by connecting you with a Twin Cities family with an enrolled GRRR camper who would potentially be willing to host your camper. 

What should my camper bring?
Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required prior to 9am on the first day; campers who do not have the vaccination proof will be sent home. Also remember to bring a bag lunch and any afternoon snacks (Pizza will be provided by She Rock in between the two concerts; we will also sell snacks for purchase), a water bottle and notebook/pens/pencils. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes!

What instruments are campers able to learn in 2022?
This year we will be focusing on Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboards and Vocals.  We unfortunately no longer have access to Electronic Digital Instruments (Ableton Push), so are not able to offer instruction on that this year.

Can my camper learn/play an instrument in addition to vocals?
No. In the spirit of simplicity for music coaches and starting in 2022, campers who select vocals will be able to focus on learning just vocals. This means during all classes and band practice, they will be able to develop their skills with singing, vocal confidence, and stage presence. If your vocalist camper is interested in taking instrument lessons outside of the Retreat, we encourage them to sign up for music lessons.

Why aren’t there any GRRR sessions in St. Paul? Why do the camp locations keep moving from year to year?
She Rock is excited to have secured a community education partnership in 2022 with Minneapolis Public Schools. We are crossing our fingers this can be a long-term community partnership. As She Rock does not own a building/space to host GRRR, we depend on community partners that are both able to host GRRR for 2-4 weeks and meet all of our building and affordability needs (e.g. Air conditioning, 11+ classrooms, cafeteria, privacy/security, central location near bus lines, sponsored/donated space, etc.). Click here to see all of our building requirement needs. So far we have only found a space in Minneapolis that is available and meets all our needs. If you have a strong connection to or leadership role within a community space in St. Paul that would meet our needs, we are always grateful for recommendations as we are hoping to return to St Paul in 2023, in addition to Minneapolis! Feel free to send us these recommendations along for future consideration and exploration. 

How quickly does the registration fill up before I will be added to the wait list?
Registration is first-come, first-served and tends to fill up VERY quickly. Please consider having your camper sign up for a different instrument if their first choice is no longer available. If all spots are filled, please sign up for the WAIT LIST.

What if my camper only has an acoustic guitar.  Can they play it at camp?
Guitar and bass players MUST use electric instruments (they can be acoustic electric, but not just acoustic- they need to have a pickup in them to be heard over the drummers!).  We have plenty of electric guitars to loan out if you don't have one! Also, if you need advice in regards to purchasing an instrument, we can help with that too. E-mail with further inquiries.

Do guitarists and bassists have to bring their own amps?
No, we provide amps, drum sets, microphones, keyboards, music stands, and P.A.s for the campers to use.  We also have plenty of guitars and basses to borrow if your camper doesn’t have one of their own!

Can my camper request to be put into a band with a friend who is also signing up?
Our goal at GRRR is to encourage campers to make new friends and promote musical growth. In order to accomplish this, there is a chance that friends and siblings will be parted.  We strive to put the bands together based on three factors: the camper's experience level, their age and their musical interests.  There will still be plenty of time for friends to hang out during workshops, lunchtime, and other activities each day!

If my camper has some time conflicts during the week of camp (unpredictable/unmanageable transportation schedule, sports, vacation, etc), can they still attend?
We ask campers to fully commit to being at camp for the entire week which is 9am-4:30pm Mon-Thurs and 9am-8pm Friday, which includes the grand finale of the entire week; the Friday night showcase concerts! This attendance commitment includes reliable camper transportation and timely parental/guardian drop-off and pick-up schedule. When campers are put into bands, and much like any other kind of team, they all count on each other to be at all their band rehearsals and both the final concerts, which is the culmination of the entire week of camp. If one band member is missing or is late for daily rehearsals, it makes it difficult for the rest of the band to move forward, and we feel that is not fair to their bandmates. If your camper would potentially need to miss any part of camp, we kindly ask that you register them for another session or wait until next year when they can attend the whole time.

Can my camper attend more than one session/week of GRRR?
No. In order to serve as many youth participants in our community as we possibly can, we are limiting attendance to GRRR to one session per camper.  

Do you offer before and after-camp care?
Yes, this year we are able to offer a one-time $75 care fee paid at registration. Campers need to arrive between 8:30am and 9am and be picked up at 4:30pm. However, for parents who have work/traffic schedule time constraints and need to drop off their camper between 7:30am-8:30am and/or pick them up between 4:30pm-5:30pm, there will be a GRRR staff member available to provide care for your child. We do this in an effort to make this camp accessible to all youth who want to attend camp. Before and after care costs $75 per camper. This fee is waived for low-income campers with successfully-approved financial aid applications.

If I need to cancel prior to camp, does GRRR offer a refund?
In the event you need to cancel, you must notify us by June 1st to receive a refund (less a $25.00 deposit).  No refunds will be available after June 1st, but if a situation arises where a cancellation needs to be made, the tuition price can be considered a donation to She Rock She Rock and we can write you a tax-deduction receipt.

What does a typical day at GRRR look like? 
Most days we start with a camp assembly to prepare campers for the day. After that, campers will go to small group instrument instruction. During instrument instruction, campers will learn different cover songs and learn how to write and perform their own songs. In the afternoons, there are usually some music/social activism workshops and/or fun art activities. The rest of the day consists of band rehearsal where campers will be collaboratively writing an original song with their bandmates and the day is finished off with a closing assembly. 

How do the campers get to the showcase concert venue on Friday afternoon?
We will be taking a bus!  Parents/Guardians will pick up your camper from the showcase venue, AFTER the shows are over on Friday by 8pm.

Are your camp and showcase locations ADA accessible/friendly? 

Are there volunteer or teaching opportunities for GRRR?
Yes!  Click on the GET INVOLVED button at the top of this website for opportunities!